Q: Do I do the course in my own car?
A: Yes; you have to provide a car that is legal for you to drive.

Q. How long does it take?
A. It depends on you and your progress but on average around 10 x 90 minute sessions (60 minutes driving/30 minutes talking) spread over 3 to 4 months is about right.

Q. When do I do it?
A. At a time convenient to both you and your assigned Observer. You choose a mutually
convenient time and place to meet.

Q. Who will be my Observer?
A. Your Observer will be assigned by your group depending on availability and location.
Observers are unpaid volunteers who have successfully passed their Advanced Driving Tests. They have invested time, energy and expense in their own personal development to qualify as Observers and now freely offer their time and experience to assist others to become safer, better drivers.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The price includes everything except costs you incur using your car.
You will need an up to date copy of the Highway Code.

Q. Young drivers?
A. If you are under 26 years of age, we can usually give you a full refund when you pass your advanced test.  Ask for more details.  You will need an up to date copy of the Highway Code.

Q. Will it mean cheaper insurance?
A. There are lots of factors which determine insurance premiums and being an advanced driver is considered a fairly minor one unfortunately. However, statistics show that advanced drivers are about 70% less likely to be involved in accidents or incidents so not making claims and avoiding points on your licence could make a saving over time.

Q. Is it OK to have an automatic or electric car?
A. Yes; you can do your course and test in an automatic or electric car.

Q. Do I have to do an exam?
A. The course gives you the knowledge and skills to make you a better driver whether or not you take the test at the end. Most people like to take the test as it gives a huge sense of achievement. It is an hour-long drive, normally with a retired police driving instructor, covering all types of roads and there will be some verbal questions.

Q. I already have points on my licence – is that OK?
A Yes, but you would be wise to discuss this aspect of your driving with your Observer.